No Cold Feet About a Masonic Return

No Cold Feet About a Masonic Return

6th August 2021 Off By guildlodge

As a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Lodge had been unable to hold a Regular Lodge Meeting since March 2020. Despite a determined intention to meet, the plans were thwarted by constant changes in the Covid Regulations, but at all times the Brethren were ready to spring into action.

So once Freedom Day was confirmed a meeting was rapidly arranged to Monday 2nd August 2021.

The Business of the Lodge was pretty straightforward in tying up loose ends around Officers and other officials to complete the current Lodge year with W Bro Tim Horton continuing in the Chair.

Charity is at the heart of what we do so as the work in the Lodge was to be brief, the Lodge decided to utilise the time we had and support the Motor Neurone Disease Association’s Ice Foot 92 Challenge. This is a challenge set by Len Jonrose, who as a former Professional Footballer has been afflicted by this dreadful and fatal condition. His challenge is to stand bare foot in a bowl of ice for 92 seconds – the 92 representing the 92 clubs of the Football League.

The Worshipful Master, Tim Horton was joined by the IPM, David Parker, Charity Steward, Cliff Jones and Lodge Mentor and Membership Officer, David Parker Jnr in taking up the challenge in the Lodge Rooms immediately after the Lodge was closed.

The participating members were encouraged by all the other attendees at the meeting who were entertained by the rather odd exhibition before them. Efforts were made to prolong the agony by some members counting very slowly, but our Visiting Cameraman and timer, Bro Alistair McIntyre was true to his calling. To be fair, it was a very warm evening and the ice was a welcome refreshment!

The Brethren were very generous in their support of the Cold Feet Quartet and the Challenge raised £200 which has now been forwarded to the Motor Neurone Disease Association specifically for Len’s fund. More of this can be found at

The Brethren then retired to the first Festive Board for 18 months where the friendship and camaraderie of the Lodge was truly restored. A fine meal was served up to us by Alistair and his team at Preston Masonic Hall.

The Lodge was honoured by the presence of the retiring Preston Group Chairman, W Bro Stephen W Bolton as well as his successor, W Bro John Rimmer. Both commented on the commitment of the Lodge and how they had enjoyed a return to masonic activity.