Son Installs Father

6th November 2018 Off By guildlodge

On a rather unusual 2018 Bonfire Night, Preston Guild Lodge witnessed a rather uncommon occurrence as The Worshipful Master, David JC Parker installed his own father, David Parker into the Chair of King Solomon. In many respects this was reciprocating the Installation of 2014 when David Senior installed David Junior for the first time. Or as David Senior has said, it is restoring the natural order and his son is no longer his Master!

The Lodge was honoured by the attendance of our own Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro David Winder, who was representing the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master.

Preston Guild Lodge is rightfully proud to be a Hall Stone Jewel Lodge and the new Worshipful Master highlighted that Preston Guild Lodge was the sole surviving Lodge to have earned the Jewel. This gave the Lodge an indissoluble link to Freemasons Hall in London.